The Next Step In Training: TBD

GSD Head TiltThis Saturday was the first one in a while that we didn’t have training class.

Our membership is up and the trainer and I want to figure out where Riley will do best next, so we’re planning on having an evaluation meeting and trying Riley at a few different things to figure out what she’ll enjoy (and make sure she can handle the next level of training).

Since ideally that next step will be a sports class, I’ve been really working with Riley on her touches and targets (touch being with her nose and target with her foot).

I’m still not completely sure she understands that Target is for touching something with her foot — she does it, but she it’s more of an accident that her foot touches the target as she’s focusing on the target excessively (she also mouths it, jumps at it, etc.).

Friday we did a TON of touches, just practicing them in different locations (high, low, etc). I still haven’t managed to transition her from my hand to an object, but that’ll come.

Today (Sunday) we did some free shaping with a target. I think she’s right on the verge of understanding what I’m asking… but I still don’t think it’s clicked.

Her enthusiasm has also been a bit off for the last few days and I can’t decide if it’s me, if it’s because it’s been rainy and gross and so she just has less focus since she hasn’t gotten as many opportunities to run, or something else entirely (training too much? too little?).

The sun is finally out after almost a solid week and a half of rain so I may try to get some of the energy out and then give it another go.

What have you been working on this week? Can you tell when something just “clicks” for your dog?

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