Red light, Green Light: Impulse Control Training

I shared how I’m using an impulse control game the other day to teach Riley not to bark when she’s excited and wanted to share an update. The other day I tried the game again, using a toy instead of a treat.

Riley’s really toy motivated so it definitely got her barking. 

I wanted to try something other than just ignoring her to bring her back under control, so I paused the game and switched over to practicing her “speak” and “quiet” command several times and then tried again. I was really pleased with the results. It seemed to bring the lesson home for her and helped keep her under control and quiet when we moved back to the Ready Set Go game.

We’ve also continued working on her recalls with great success. Even off leash and outside she’s doing a great job of coming when called—including when she’s playing solo games (essentially dashing around like a mad dog).

Back In the Action

We were away for the weekend and Ms. Riley spent 4 days at Watch My Wag, a daycare and boarding facility that she’d been to before. Even though it’s about an hour drive each way, I opt to take her there instead of somewhere closer for several reasons.

  1. I really like that the owner is a behaviorist and works with the dogs instead of just “boarding” them.
  2. I like that they post pictures on Facebook each day so I can “check in” without being obnoxious.
  3. The price is WAY cheaper than anywhere local (I’m talking less than half the price).
  4. Riley gets to play at the daycare each day, so I feel like it’s a vacation for her too!

Now that we’re home again I’ll be setting up an appointment with our trainer to do an evaluation and decide where to take our training next.

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