Riley - German ShepherdHi! I’m Melissa — I’m a 26-year-old copywriter and editor living in Raleigh, NC.

But this blog isn’t really about me.

It’s about the beautiful pup pictured to the left. Her name is Riley. My boyfriend and I adopted Riley from a local breed-specific rescue, Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, in September 2012. They said she was between 8-10 months. Even our vet couldn’t get much more specific.

At the time she was a bit on the small side for 10 months and her teeth were a bit more worn that is typical for 8 months — so we just split the difference.

Despite having been raised around dogs my entire life (both of my grandmothers bred show dogs and my family had dogs when I was growing up) Riley’s the first dog I’ve had that’s really “mine.”

This site is to share our training progress as well as share the tools, toys, products and training methods that we use.